Who is Cloud Factory Technology
Cloud Factory Technology Holdings Limited (referred to as Cloud Factory Technology) [Stock Code: 2512] is one of the earliest data service providers in China. Entering the market through IDC services, it is dedicated to becoming an internationally leading provider of edge computing and AI intelligent computing services. By building a distributed edge computing network that extends to various districts, counties, homes, and on-site locations nationwide, it expands its capabilities to edge computing services in areas such as computing, networking, and storage. Combined with self-developed AI algorithm models, it further provides high real-time, fast-response near-edge AI application solutions for customers in various industries.
In the field of intelligent computing, Cloud Factory Technology, based on its strong IDC construction, operation, and hosting capabilities, creates an ultimate computing efficiency system in machines, computing, networking, storage, and cloud. It upgrades the edge computing power platform, providing computing power support from infrastructure services to end-to-end solutions for the implementation of AI applications. Our mission is to lead the integration of edge computing and AI, making AI ubiquitous.
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